What Will Your Legacy Be?

The American Air Museum in Britain is a testament to those American airmen who flew from the UK in defense of freedom, and to those who died in that pursuit. Your generosity makes it possible for the Museum to continue to tell the personal stories of their great achievements to future generations.

Your gift will support the museum’s extensive collection of over 800 objects, and our historic aircraft collection which illustrates the key role played by American air power, in conflicts from 1918, with a World War One fighter; to the present day, with an MQ-1 Predator attack drone. 
Help us carry on the legacy of those brave men and women who fought for our freedom by creating your legacy with us today. 

To continue honoring the Greatest Generation, while also paying homage to those who follow in their footsteps, we have made some updates to our Legacy Society. Our "Next Generation Campaign" opens our efforts to a wider audience. Click here to learn more.

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